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Thankful for each Enneagram!

Over Thanksgiving I really wanted to share my gratitude for each Enneagram type. The enneagram brings us closer to ourselves and to each other. Often we can focus on the negative traits of each type, I truly wanted to focus on what each enneagram bring us in our life.

Enneagram Ones we are so grateful for you!

You keep us balanced, have high standards for us, you’re organized and plan ahead, you are self disciplined and wise.

Thank you @colormyhappy for being my type one model!

So grateful for the twos in our life! They bring us compassion, humble guidance, warmth, service, charity and sincerity!

Thanks type two @joyinchaos_ for being my model!!

Enneagram Threes! I have so many amazing threes in my life! Thank you for your drive and motivation!

You teach us confidence and optimism.

Thank you @onthegogoodness for being my type three model!

We are so thankful for the fours in our lives!

Fours teach us to dream, create, feel our emotions deeply, be authentic, tap into our sensitive side, be more self aware, love your uniqueness, be more sentimental and sensitive.

Thank you fours for giving us more depth and to see the world in your unique way!

Thank you type four @darbyella for being my beautiful model!

So thankful for enneagram fives!!!

They keep us logical and are so insightful!

You teach us to be calm, perceptive and how to problem solve. Thank you!

Thank you type sixes for being you! We love your loyalty and reliability!

Thank you type six @itsrebekahanne for being my model!

Enneagram 7 we absolute love you. You are the adventurer, filled with joy, bucket list planner, spontaneous, enthusiastic about everything, the optimist, playful, the story teller, the friend everyone needs.

Thank you type sevens for giving us so much joy and adventure in our lives!

Thank you to my amazing friend @withelizabetho for being my enneagram 7 model!

Thank you type eights for being in our lives!

You bring us more determination and boldness!

Thanks type 8 @kellihayessmith for being my model!

Nines we are so thankful for you! You are the calm to our storm, help us learn patience, you trust us, you accept us as we are and you are always positive.

Thank you so much nines!

Thank you @cherylcardall for being my model and an amazing type nine!

Do you tell your favorite enneagram people why you care about them? Thank them today!


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