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Spotting Enneagram Moms

There is no such thing as a bad mom or a bad enneagram type. Trying to find all the amazing enneagram numbers as mothers.

Enneagram one moms!

You rule the world with your planners and highlighters! You love structure and a plan. You’re extremely dependable and people feel like they can turn to you to get things done right!

Two mamas where are you? Probably helping someone out!

You are so giving and loving to those around you. Motherhood has given you little people to worry and care for. You love to make family time. Seeing your children and helping them grow and improve themselves!

You might have many kids at your house because you make it a welcoming and loving space.

Three mamas, where you at??

Mom you are killing it! You are a severe multitasker, teaching your kiddos that they can do anything they want to do!

You worry you’re not present enough so you plan family activities to be all in!

You want to do it ALL! Have a clean house, run a business, be the best mama. Don’t burn yourself out trying to manage everything 🤍

Enneagram 4 mama!!!

Fours are known as the individualists and it can be seen in their parenting.

They want their children to express themselves and let them express their emotions!

They might be more comfortable being at home and love spending quality times with their children.

They are creative and know how to think outside the box.

Looking for an enneagram 5 mom? 👀

They are logical, calm and collected. The moms that ask their children a lot of questions and really connect with the older kids when they can communicate together. Another over-thinker on the enneagram mom scale but not the only one! They want to make sure they are doing it the right way. So research is always happening!

Type six moms!

Of course I had to draw a mama with a big bag! These six mamas always are sure to be prepared, just in case. They are extremely hard workers and deeply love and cate for their children. Their home is a safe place for not only their family but for everyone who enters.

All you seven moms have been patiently waiting for your turn! *all the sarcasm*

You are the fun and spontaneous mom. There is nothing wrong with being light and happy!

You bring light to everyone around you!

How to spot an enneagram 8 mom!

Look for the bold and strong mama who is always on the go. Teaching their children to be strong, use their voice, and critical thinkers.

Trying to spot other enneagram moms!

Type nine moms are the peacemakers. Usually they have a soft and patient tone with their children. They are pretty willing to let their children play and do what they need to keep the peace.

Their favorite phrase is “I’m fine, everything is fine.” Usually spotted wear comfy/causal clothes and slip on shoes. These moms live for comfort. Their homes make you feel welcome and at ease with a blanket for everyone, just in case.

Often they will be found with many children at their house because they are laid back and so welcoming. They love to make everyone feel at ease and also love to help other moms.

They might get to things too early not wanting to have a conflict but might also be late because they have so many things they said yes to.

They might be found making comfort food preparing to recharge with a good book or a tv show they have watched too many times to count.

The predictability keeps them comfortable.

Nines make amazing moms and friends!


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