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Enneagram Costumes for Each Type

Sometimes it's easier to remember the different types when you see characters. If you are looking for some amazing costume ideas for the next Halloween here's some ideas!

Enneagram Ones!

You gave some of my favorite characters of all time in your group!

Angela from the Office

Professor McGonagall

Lady Mary Crawley from Downton Abbey

Dana Scully The X-Files (my favorite show)


Hermione Granger

Mary Poppins

Bee Van de Kamp from Desperate Housewives

Enneagram Twos!

I love your character choices so much!

Snow White

Wonder Woman

Jessica Day from New Girl

Wendy from Peter Pan

Sandy from Grease

Dr Ellie Sattler Jurassic Park

Cher Horowitz Clueless


Threes are you still looking for a costume?

These enneagram three characters would be perfect for you!

Mrs. Incredible

Elle Woods from Legally Blonde


Evil Queen


Regina George from Mean Girls

Christina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy

Scarlett O’Hara from Gone with the Wind

Some strong amazing Multitasking women!

Been trying to decide the perfect character for your Halloween costume!

Look no further than these enneagram 4 characters!

Buttercup Princess Bride

Lucy I Love Lucy

Elphaba Wicked

Meredith Grey’s Anatomy


Bella Twilight

Rose Titanic

Anne of Green Gables

Fives! You’re costume choices are smart and bold women!

Rory Gilmore

Velma from Scooby Doo

Nancy Drew

Temperance Brennan from Bones

Alice in Wonderland

Wednesday Addams



Some six characters to be for Halloween!

Eleven from Stranger Things


Willow from Buffy

Captain Marvel

Tris from Divergent



Black Widow

Sevens are you looking for a fun costume?


Britney Spears

Vivian Ward from Pretty Woman

Lorelei Gilmore


Mrs. Frizzle

Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter


Eights! Need some costume ideas?

As an eight there are so many strong women choices!





Max from Stranger Things


America Singer from The Selection


Hello nines! Need some amazing costumes?


Pam from The Office

June from The Handmaid’s Tale

Arwen Lord of the Rings

Morticia Addams

Caty from Mean Girls

Mia Thermopolis The Princess Diaries


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The enneagram is a unique way to help you connect with yourself on a deeper level. I love what it has done for my marriage, relationship with my children and the people I work with. I can’t wait to dive in deep to all things enneagram!

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