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Enneagram 9 Child

The enneagram nine child I love to call the Thoughtful Child: They are very easy going and calm. Many have been in a home where they might be seen as not as important or having important opinions and are often middle children. They might sleep more than others types to avoid conflict. They might not be noticed as often because they have learned to just cope with not getting their way or voicing their opinions. Nines really struggle with staying on task.

Nines are very easy to be with. They bring harmony and cheer and have a sense of what people need around them. They might be really stubborn or passive aggressive if they are passionate about something and don't get their way. They also have been known to mediate between arguing parents and their siblings.

If you have an enneagram nine child. They might be comforted by just being by you. Make sure to use a calm and comforting tone when talking to them. Make sure your child always seems seen.

Books for the Enneagram 9 Child:

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