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Enneagram 8 Child

The enneagram 8 child I love to call the Brave Child: They are bold and a force of nature. They learn the world is a dangerous place and only the strong survive. They are always worried about betrayal so they only trust a small group of people. They do not like to be controlled, they are not controlling. They have a tendency to get their way.

Eights might be perceived as bullies but let's set this right. Eights are typically not bullies because they fear no one and bullies have a tendencies to act on their fears and insecurities. Eights are actually the one most likely to stand up for the underdog or help the weak. Going out of their way to take care of those around them that they care for. Eights have a strong sense of justice a common phrase is "that's just not fair." They will follow rules if it gives them more freedom. They are also more likely to trust themselves then adults. They might have a soft spot for animals and babies.

If you have and enneagram 8 child it is important for them understand they won't always get their way. Teaching them anger management tips for when they don't believe things are fair.

Books for Enneagram 8 Children:

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