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Enneagram 4 Child

The enneagram four child I have called, the Artistic Child. Creative and romantic child. They might feel different and misunderstood. They get their feelings hurt easily and spend a lot of time alone in their own space to heal. They can seem approachable and unavailable at the same time. They want to stand but deeply desire to belong. They want people to get them and might use eccentric ways to communicate. They try to stand out and fit in at the same time.

I watched Little Fires Everywhere, Izzy is a type four and a great example of a teen trying to understand your child. Type fours often use the "what if..." scenarios and process what to do before and after socializing.

They will have depression type qualities. It might not be depression keep an eye on how they are socializing and depression. They like to sit in sadness. They get overwhelmed by their deep feelings.

If you have a type 4 child remind them that you are trying to see them. Love them through their struggles no matter what. Allow them time to process their emotions.

Books for an enneagram 4 child:

Books for Enneagram 4 Teens+

Books to help parent an enneagram 4:

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