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Enneagram 2 Child

Enneagram two I lovingly call the Compassionate Child: They love to give. The might be seen as people pleasers. They will have close friends but might give to others and have no boundaries. To have no boundaries makes them feel that they are more lovable. They wear their heart on their sleeve and are extremely tender hearted. Their feelings can get hurt easily. They might seem sad because they don't understand how they lovable they are. Enneagram twos might need a lot of confidence boosting.

When receiving praise for their giving they begin to give more, much like a teacher's pet. They are very independent because they don't want to be a burden on others. They are drawn to other people and they might get drawn into other's feelings and drama.

If you have a two child. Don't pry too much into their feelings, they struggle to know their own feelings. Make sure you separate your personal feelings from them.

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