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Understanding your Wings

Today we are discussing how to understand the wings. You will usually pull from one wing more than the other. You pick the wing that you see more traits in yourself. There are times that the wings are balanced which is when you pull from characteristics of the wings on each side of your dominant number but those are rare.

Your dominant number will never change, that's the one that stays with you forever. Your

fear, desire, and drive comes from your dominant number. Your wing numbers can change.

Your wings are directly next to your type. If you are a type 2 you would have wing 1 or wing 3. Your wings can not be 6 if you’re a type 2.

Type 1, wing 9: Idealist

Type 1, wing 2: Advocate

Type 2, wing 1: Servant

Type 2, wing 3: Host or hostess

Type 3 wing 2: Star

Type 3 wing 4: Professional

Type 4 wing 3: Aristocrat

Type 4 wing 5: Bohemian

Type 5 wing 4: Iconist

Type 5 wing 6: Problem solver

Type 6 wing 5: Defender

Type 6 wing 7: Buddy

Type 7 wing 6: Entertainer

Type 7 wing 8: Realistic

Type 8, wing 7: Maverick

Type 8 wing 9: Bear

Type 9, wing 8: Dreamer

Type 9, wing 1: Idealist

You’ll see how some can work against each other. They can be opposite or opposing. Wings are adding more spice to whoever you are, people with the same dominant numbers can have different wings. It’s also known that people with the same number can be different because there’s so much depth to the enneagrams. Always remember that all of the types are amazing people and there are no bad or good types.

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