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Enneagram 1: The Reformer

Enneagram One Basics. Photo of @kyleeannstudios
Enneagram One Basics. Photo of @kyleeannstudios

This is exciting to start talking about each enneagram type. It is important to remember that each type is good. There are good and bad traits of each type. If you see yourself in a specific type doesn’t mean you will fit all the “molds” of that type. Also remember that each enneagram has wings, healthy and unhealthy traits and there are also levels underneath that we will explore in the future.

If you don’t see yourself as this specific type while you’re listening try and picture people around you that may be this type.

The one is considered the Perfectionist. Ones can come off critical and condensing and their grand desire to be good. They want to be the good in the world and are constantly concerned the world is a good place.

They like for things to be done in a specific way and seen as the women who are put together and get crap done.

Ones have a constant nagging in the back of their head that whatever they do is not good enough. They will step back after a task is completed and see what they could have done better. If they do something wrong in a task, they will never forget that they did it wrong.

Ones have a lot of anger that can build it up inside themselves or put on a happy face. They can get frustrated because things aren’t being done or being done to their standards and perfectly.

They can bottle up a lot of anger under their skin and when they burst it surprises people because most of the time they are extremely put together.

Ones have extremely high expectations of themselves and the world around them. If you’re not meeting the expectations they become extremely frustrated. They see the world as high achieving and goal orientated and they get frustrated when other people are not meeting the expectations that the ONE perceives.

Ones become frustrated when they watch someone do something incorrectly but they didn’t give the person the expectation to begin with. Their expectations are so high and the one doesn’t want to come off as condescending. They get frustrated when people don’t do things in their order but they also have a hard time telling people what their expectations are.

Ones are extremely hard on themselves. They are constantly thinking they are not good enough. That’s an exhausting place to be. Ones constantly have the nagging thoughts in the back of their head that what they’ve done isn’t good enough.

Ones do not see themselves as being critical. They will only tell you a small portion of the things they believe you need to work on. They want you to be the best that you can be. They are trying to improve you.

Ones have a very hard time relaxing. They are constantly thinking of things to do and to correct. They have a hard time having their brains shut down and be in the moment.

When ones are in a relationship, they constantly need feedback, as well as what they are worth and how wonderful they are. They need to know they don’t have to be perfect to be a good person

The wings for a one can either be a 9 or 2. Ones can pull from either side and some ones will pull more characteristics from one side than the other.

Ones have the basic desire of fairness, accuracy and order. Ones have the basic fear of being incorrect, out of control and being seen as bad.

As ones becomes more healthy they will begin to let go of their perfectionist self. They learn that their imperfections help them be their best self. As they learn about themselves and become more healthy they learn to let go

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