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My Little Space in the World

Thanks for the photos from @slmphotographyutah

Hello my little cyber fam!

I realized I have a bunch of new followers and haven’t Introduced myself for a long time!

My name is Tess! Mama to 3 boys 5, 3, and 1. Our house is pure chaos app the time (come visit me in my stories on instagram... nothing is insta worthy there..)

Almost 6 years ago when my oldest was born I thought all moms were Instagram moms and I was doing it wrong. I was consumed with PPA and PPD. 5 years ago I started my YouTube channel Beyond Survival Mom to help moms with cleaning motivation and tips. How things have molded and changed!

I didn’t realize it at the time that my enneagram 3 was showing. I wanted to motivate people, to help people shoot for their dreams and live their best life!

Finding the enneagram completely changed how I viewed those around me! Changed my marriage and the relationship with my oldest son. (Husband 8w9 son 7w8) I wanted to share this with others!

The enneagram can change your life if you let it! Check out my podcast to figure out your type! I’ll be diving more and more into learning more about yourself, the fun of the enneagram and the relationships around you!

So do you know your type? How did you stumble your way into my tiny spot in the Instagram world?

And welcome to The Enneagram Mom world!


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Hi, thanks for stopping by!

My name is Tess and avid binge show watcher, enneagram enthusiast and 3w2!

The enneagram is a unique way to help you connect with yourself on a deeper level. I love what it has done for my marriage, relationship with my children and the people I work with. I can’t wait to dive in deep to all things enneagram!

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