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Motherhood & The Enneagram

Motherhood and the enneagram types. Each enneagram type will mother differently than the next.

Type 1: Reliable mom: desire to be good, strive to be better and improve, do not take criticism well, desire for perfection, want to be seen as mature and confident and well organized, often expect their children to be behave and act a certain way.

Type 2: Encouraging mom: love to give and help others, teach their children how to help others, do what needs to be done, they will give and give, understanding of their children's needs, make their children and other feel comfortable around them, the party house because they take care of everyone.

Type 3: Gold star mom: motivational mom, always on the go, doing things, want to have the best and there kids to be the best, reward charts, avoid failure, like to show their kids achievements,

Type 4: Free range mom: creative, help kids understand about feelings, inspiring, want to be understood, authentic, and feel misunderstood, can be moody but are self aware,

see each kid for authenticity and they are.

Type 5: Analytical: large depth of knowledge, research everything, observe for the best way to do things, need down time to process your feelings, need alone time.

Type 6: Safety first mom: always prepared, like order, plans, and rules, reliable consistent, need time to decide, trustworthy, can over plan, calm in crisis, need consistency and security, loyal to a fault, often doubt themselves.

Type 7: Enthusiast mom: have adventures, want kids to experience life, optimistic, keep things light, turn situations around, story tellers, fun loving and can be distracted and scattered.

Type 8: Empowering mom: desire independence and try to teach their kids that, desire justice and fairness, do what others can’t be done, desire to teach kids how to connect through conflict, value honesty, see things as black and white and avoid being seen as weak, get things done.

Type 9: Supportive mom: passionate in what they believe is right even though they struggle to make a decision, struggle to finish what they start, avoid conflict, want themselves and their children to be known as the peacemaker, love to relax, stubborn or passive aggressive when things come up that are not agreeable.

There are no bad mom enneagram numbers, each one of you has the power to teach your children and it’s helpful to know how you teach them.

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