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Goal Setting for the New Year

The New Year is upon us and this week I really wanted to focus on Goal setting. You might be the type that takes each section and makes goals for each part of your life or you just simply choose a word. No matter which goal setter you are the New Year is the perfect time to take an evolution of everything coming up and what you want to change or improve.

I read/listened (thank you Audible) to a couple books a few years ago The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Ruben and Better than Before by Gretchen Ruben. This book really helped me to figure out how I create habits and set goals. So I tried to figure out how each enneagram type fit into the Four Tendencies model.

Upholders meet inner and outer expectations. They love rules, having a clear plan and are self-motivated and disciplined. Clearly tell them what needs to be done and they’ll lead the way.

Questioners meet their own expectations, but resist outer ones. They need to see purpose and reason in anything they do. Make it clear why what you want from them is important.

Obligers meet other peoples’ expectations easily, but struggle with their own. The must be held accountable by a friend, coach or boss to get things done. They thrive when they have a sense of duty and can work in a team.

Rebels defy both outer and inner expectations. Above all, they want to be free to choose and express their own individuality. Give them the facts, present the task as a challenge and let them decide without pressure.

(Thanks Four Minute Books for the definitions)

Each type has a pro and con for being that type but understanding the way you create and maintain habits is important for your movement on a goal or habit.

Upholders are 1 & 9 they are very good at holding themselves accountable for things that they decide to tackle head on. Make sure you are creating a good detailed list to prepare you to meet these goals.

Questioners are 5 & 8 they can have a desire to go against what the outer world tells them and set inner goals in their way to have independence from the world around them. Make sure to create a plan that is bold and direct. Don't get into the spin of over-researching and get into the goal.

Obligers are 2,3 & 9 they struggle to make inner goals. In their desire to please others and themselves they need people to help hold them accountable. Whether it be social media, a good group of friends, or a fitness team. Find your tribe, make a plan and get to work!

Rebels 4 & 7 they desire the freedom to go where the wind takes them which can often mean drifting from their goals to something new or more exciting. Really communicate with yourself why you want this goal and what it will help you do in the long run.

When creating goals for the New Year:

Ones make sure you are working on a breakdown of achieving your goals. Use your lists and planning to your advantage.

Twos use affirmations. Words are very powerful for you. Don't drop taking care of yourself to take care of others.

Threes get a daily checklist and an accountability group. You will thrive with having other people on your team.

Fours create a vision or mood wall. Seeing the end result visually daily will help move you toward your goal faster.

Fives don't over-analyze your goal. research a few things then move forward. Make a plan and have the proof to back it up.

Sixes think of that end goal and what it looks like. Create a paragraph that you read through every day of what things look like in the end.

Sevens you thrive on visual aides. Create a fun vision board that show all the freedom you gain by following your goals.

Eights you love bold and direct affirmations. Make them exactly what you need to hear.

Nines set mini goals. Especially a simple daily goal that will be imbedded into your already created habits.

This week on my Instagram I will be creating graphics for each types to assist with Goal Setting!

I also love Enneahealth on Instagram if you are working on setting health goals for the new year!

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