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Enneagram One Child

Each child has varying personalities just like adults do. I don't believe children's enneagram types set in fully until age 4-5 depending on their nature and nurture.

The enneagram one child I lovingly call the Rational Child. They can be seen as the model child. These children have a strong sense of right and wrong. They have been known to correct others around them and compare themselves to others. Hermione Granger is the perfect example of type one child. Hermione often would correct and compare herself to those around her.

They might have a hard time why others would do things differently and only see the world through their rationalizing. They do not want to be seen as bad or wrong. The core fear of a one is to be seen as bad. They may shy away from things they will not excel at and only do things they will do perfectly. They are ones that naturally want to keep things clean and orderly. They do not like to make mistakes at all and things better be well done. They might be seen as little adults.

If you have a one child. Let them know mistakes are normal and natural in their life. Share your own mistakes so they can see that they are completely normal. Don't correct them in front of others it is very important to take a one to the side and discuss how they could do things better.

Here are some great books to help your type one child.

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Books for Teens+

Resources for Parenting an enneagram one child.

Additional Resources:


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