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Enneagram 9: The Peace Maker

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Today we are talking about nines, the peacemaker.

Nines are accepting, trusting and staple, creative, optimistic, supportive, and want to keep the peace. Their greatest fear is to be lost or separated. Their greatest desire is to have inner stability or peace of mind.

Nines do not like conflict. They will do anything to avoid conflict. They want to create harmony in their environment and to make things calm. Nines have a need to feel comforted and comfortable, confident. Nines have an ability to pull people into their world and make their friends feel at peace.

Nines can be considered a pushover. If nines are given too many options they don’t know what to do. They will tell others around them “whatever works” or “whatever you want to do.” Nines usually keep their opinion to themselves to avoid contention and keep peace. NInes don’t always have a strong sense of their own identity due to wanting to keep the peace.

Nines feel things in their gut. Their internal gut and their head fight to keep the world at peace which make nines exhausted. This is where their need for more sleep than any other type. Nines are wrestling with an inner battle constantly.

Nines will numb out or avoid the pain but numbing and avoiding these things don’t actually help them rest. They need to pick things that help them relax and rest, not just numb and avoid the pain. Nines can be lazy and conflict avoidant.

Nines are optimistic people. They see the bright side of every situation. They believe everything is fine, even when it’s not. They enjoy finding the peace and stability of things. They want to see the bright side because they don’t want to see the dark side. They will even deny the dark side. They want to try to understand and see the world in a bright, lighter way.

Nines are great at holding things together. These things include communities, friendships, even marriages. They want to help each side to be seen and heard. They are great mediators.

It may seem as if nines do not have opinions of their own but they truly do. They will hold back unless it’s something they strongly believe in. If they strongly believe in it they will stand up for it. Nines will hold back until something is extremely important to them.

If you’re in a relationship or a friendship with a nine try to avoid confrontational topics. Tell them it’s ok to express their opinion and it’s ok if their opinion is different than yours. Nines need to know you value them

Nines can be passive aggressive because they don’t want to confront others and they are expert procrastors. They only can pay attention to things that are right in front of them.

Nines have a wing of either an 8 or an 1. Listen to the episodes on both types and see which one you pull characteristics from. You can pull from one over the other or from both sides equally.

Remember all of the types are amazing people and there are no bad or good types.

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