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Enneagram 8: The Challenger

Today we are ta

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Today we are talking about the enneagram type 8, the challenger.

Eights are considered self confident, strong and assertive people. They are also protective, resourceful, straight talking and decisive. They are strong and get right to the point. They are able to get things done, because they are very forceful. Which can be bad and can be good. Remember all of the enneagram types can have good and bad traits. Eights do sometimes get a bad rap because they are so decisive.

Eights are very direct about their decision. They believe they are always right because they think in black and white. They are able to distinguish between different factors and determine that “this is the right thing to do.” They are also very determined to make sure their opinion is known.

They love a deep conversation. They will bring up controversial topics because they want to see where people stand on the topics. They have a lot of respect for people who stand up for themselves and stand up for what they believe in even if it’s different than them. They do not like weak people. They want to be around people who are strong and who can and will stand in their own power. Eights are known as the challenger because they love to challenge themselves and others. An eight will ask another person for this opinion and then try to explain to that person their own opinion and stance on the item in question.

My husband is an eight and over the years I have thought he was opinionated and aggressive. It used to push my buttons until I learned that eights love to talk about challenging topics. They have the ability to separate their relationship from the debate or argument that is currently happening. Eights feel more bonded to someone due to an argument they are having. Eights feel things in their gut and they feel those things very strongly. Sometimes the way eights stand up for what they believe in can be seen as bold. Women who are eights can be seen as “too strong” and “too bold” but that’s who they are.

Eights do not want to be controlled or have power held over them in any way. Whether it be physiology, socially, emotionally, or sexually. They don’t like being controlled. Most of an eights behavior is about them being reassured that they are not being controlled.

You can see an eight being an owner of a small business because they enjoy being in charge. Eights also want to leave an imprint of where they are at due to being in control of the situation. Eights feel they need to know all the information in order to feel more in control.

Eights are stand alone people. They are very independent and don’t want to be in debt to other people. They don’t like to give in to social convention. Eights are also considered the rugged individualist. They want to make an impact in the world but have that challenger personality that doesn’t like to be challenged from others. They are very concerned about the consequence of their actions. They are also usually aware of what people think of them but they don’t allow other people's opinions to sway them to change who they are.

It is very important to an eight to be strong both mentally and physically. Eights don’t like to be considered weak but below their tough façade they are vulnerable. Once you get to know an eight and they truly trust you, you will see they are the biggest sweetheart and teddy bear. It takes a long time for an eight to trust others. Eights will build up a wall to protect themselves and they will reject other people before they can be rejected themselves.

Eights love the underdog. They love people who are unlikely to win or people who need help to win. They want to help the underdog win. Eights are also extremely protective of those that are in their inner circle. Eights have a strong sense of justice. They want everything to be justified. They also highly value honesty and don’t like a little bit of a mistruth.

Eights have a very resourceful can do attitude, can make every situation better because of their grit and “get to it” determination. Eights are a great person to be around especially when you know where an eight is coming from you will have more understanding.

Eights have a wing of either a 7 or a 9. Listen to the episodes on both types and see which one you pull characteristics from. You can pull from one over the other or from both sides equally.

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