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Enneagram 8 Gift Guide

Have you been looking for a

gift for a type 8 or for yourself? Here is some amazing ideas for an enneagram 8!

Type 8 gift guide!

This one was much harder for me so I would love more tips of what to add. My husband is an 8 and he is just so good at gift receiving!

When shopping for an 8 think practical. They love things that makes sense. No little trinkets or things that won’t matter. They want it to be truly something they will use.

While many types wouldn’t love a gift card, eights are big fans especially for those stores they love where they can get the items they have been eyeing.

A great statement T goes a long way for a type 8. Think a Fearless T from!

An online business course they have been looking into.

A great workout outfit set!

Axe throwing for some physical fun and get together!

A book by their favorite author or speaker!

Many of these things you can find in my gift guide on Amazon (link in my bio, I get a little kickback from Amazon as an affiliate.)

What has your type eight or you as an eight been wanting?


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