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Enneagram 7: The Enthusiast

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Today we are talking about type 7, the enthusiast.

Sevens are filled with joy. They have bounds of energy and are optimistic to a fault. They love life and you can see if radiate from them. They are also extremely enthusiastic. Seven have so much energy. They can take up space in a room by being boisterous. Sevens are fun to be around.

Sevens try to avoid pain and they will do everything to avoid unpleasant emotions. They do not like fear or emptiness. They will not do anything that will make them FEEL emotions to their core. They will try to avoid being sad, angry, disappointed, depressed or frustrated because they feel like these emotions are intolerable. The other types know that all the pain and struggle can’t be avoided forever but sevens feel like they can avoid it.

Sevens have an almost compulsive desire to have amazing experiences all the time. The term FOMO (free of missing out) was created for sevens. They want to create amazing experiences. Sevens hate to be bored and become dangerous when they are bored. When they are bored they either get creative, or get into things they are not supposed to. Sevens crave stimulation. They also cope with the inner turmoil of trying to get all the experiences and ideas by trying to acquire material possessions and jam their calendars with fun activities and adventures.

Sevens are light, positive and lively. They have a hard time being around negative people due to the negativity overwhelms sevens. Sevens can handle worry and stress due to thinking their way out of it. They also try to outrun the pain and push it away. They will try and cover up the pain and not feel it at all.

Sevens will make jokes when things are awkward or painful. They bring up something funny to lighten the mood. They are quick thinkers and try to make everything fine and great. Sevens are usually hilarious. They can make things positive in an instant. They have an ability to take a bad situation and make it positive. It can be impressive at times how quickly they can find the positive in any situation.

Sevens can be prone to addictions because they want to avoid their pain. It’s easy for them to avoid their emotion with delayed gratification. They will look for the fast acting source of pain relief whether it be alcohol, drugs, food, or shopping.

Sevens are also extreme rationalizers. They will defend what they believe in to death. They have a great ability to make things up on the spot. They can talk themselves out of everything. They have a constant strategy to avoid the guilt, selfish, stupid, or dumb decisions they have made. Sevens can be cocky, quick learners and bright as well as arrogant. They are great at debating and always have a backup plan.

Sevens greatest fear is to be in pain or be deprived. Their greatest desire is to be satisfied, content, as well as have their needs fulfilled. Sevens are excited about what’s coming next. They are the dreamers of the world and enjoying themselves and having fun. They will try and fill their cup with all the things they think are going to feel their soul. They will cover up and hide all the things that could cause them pain.

Sevens need flexibility and tend to avoid making long term commitments. They are worried something better will come along. They have so much energy and thrive on waiting for something exciting to happen. They enjoy anticipating the planning for a trip or event. It gets them excited because sevens consistently look towards the future. They can also hype up the future in their head. They will visualize any scenario in their head and if it doesn’t turn out like they saw it in their head they will be disappointed. It’s good to be upfront and honest with them which is sometimes heard because they also enjoy surprises.

Sevens have a wing of either a 6 or an 8. Listen to the episodes on both types and see which one you pull characteristics from. You can pull from one over the other or from both sides equally.

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