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Enneagram 7 Child

The enneagram seven child I have named the Dynamic Child: Their fun and smile is contagious. They live in a fantasy in their head. They might create a whole different story especially if they have experienced something painful. They might see all the rainbows and completely see past the rain. They believe in the fantasy and adventure. They do like to deal with heavy emotions and feelings. They play with others easily and play by themselves. A seven might be dangerous when bored, always looking for an adventure but not looking at why things might be off limits.

Curiosity is the whole world of a seven. Sevens struggle with rules and limits. They aren't achievement oriented they are experienced oriented. They have boundless energy. They wake up ready to go. Sevens believe feeling good is choice and don't understand why people would choose sadness. They might try to get attention by being humorous or funny.

If you are parenting a seven make sure they are understanding of the rules. Use fun and experiences to your advantages. Always have things planned and be ready for an adventure.

Books for enneagram 7 children:

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Books to parent an enneagram 7:

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