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Enneagram 6: The Loyalist

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Follow Type 6 @the_katieebednar!

Today we are talking about type 6, the loyalist.

Sixes are very logical and they help others think about the what if scenarios. They actually fear fear. They worry about what can go wrong. Six live in the world of anxiety. They have anxiety when things are going wrong or when things are going well. They are constantly going over the what if, what is possible, and how can this work or play out. They need to follow the rules because they can picture what could happen if they don’t follow the plan that’s set forth.

Sixes greatest desire is security and consistency. They love order, plans and rules because that’s what helps keep them safe. Sixes biggest fear is to be without support or guidance.

Sixes are extremely loyal people but it takes time for six to be your friend. Sixes are good at bonding and helping others bond. They can create a cohesive group within a community or family.

Sixes are full of doubt and questions. They are always asking questions because they want to understand everything to make a safe opinion or decision about the scenario. They are not good at making decisions because they see both sides of a situation or scenario. They are like a deer in headlights and freeze when a decision needs to be made. When they do make a decision they change their minds and go back and forth again.

Sixes are surprised that others don’t think like them. They don’t understand why people are not trying to analyze the situation and see what could go wrong. News is catered to type sixes. The new demonstrates what could go wrong which caters to the fear in a type six.

There are two types of sixes. The first is extremely loyal. This one puts their faith and attention into authority figures. They love to obey the rules and make sure they are consistently following the rules. This brings them security. The second type is the exact opposite. This type focuses on not being agreeable or compliant with the authority figure. This type is wary of authority figures and wants to keep a constant eye on those incharge to see if that person messes up. They are on top of their understanding of what’s happening. Most sixes are a mixture of both. They are trying to figure out the authority and bounce between the two types.

Sixes have a wing of either a five or a seven. If you feel you’re a six then listen to the episodes on both five and seven to see which wing you pull more characteristics from.

Sixes do not like to run late, because that’s their way to show respect to you by being loyal and on time. They are good at taking care of others and helping to show others how much you mean to them. They are the moms who have the packed diaper bag ALL the time.

Sixes are very sharp and analytical and will help you before you make a stupid decision. Sixes give the other types clarity. If you have a six in your life, love them, make them comfortable and secure. When they see this they will know they can trust you wholeheartedly.

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