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Enneagram 6 Child

Enneagram six I like to call the Considerate Child. The cautious and considerate child learns to worry at an early age. You will notice the anxiety early on. Messages of what not to do stick with them and they see the world in an unsafe place. They will either trust adults or rebel against them.

Sixes stand back and watch others try things first. They lack confidence but will often question people when they are given compliments. They are loved by those around them. They are great followers, listeners and part of a group. They are constantly looking for advice from others. They can use their anxiety as humor. (Think Chandler Bing.) Change is hard for a six.

Having a six child. Make sure to give them a secure place. Make sure you are honest and upfront with them. Validate their worries.

Book for Enneagram 6 Children

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