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Enneagram 5: The Investigator

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Follow type 5 @madewithofa.

Today we are talking about type fives. Fives are the Investigators.

Fives are the most misunderstood of all the enneagrams. They are just so different from all the others. Fives are called living Google because they know all the things. They want to gain all the knowledge. They think knowing all the information will help them in any situation that may come up.

Fives can be seen as aloof and misunderstood. They are introverted which confuses the other enneagram types. The world can be overwhelming and draining for fives. They have an energy gas tank and they lose gas throughout the day. They keep an eye on their gas levels and hold onto energy when they know something is coming such as an event or meeting. They save up their energy because things are so draining. What drains their energy tank the most is speaking people. They constantly monitor their time they are spending with others. Their refueling time is EXTREMELY important and they must have that time.

Fives can be hoarders of what is essential to them. They are not hoarders of things, they can be considered a minimalist, They hoard the essentials in order to be self sufficient, independent and self contained. This is why they stockpile knowledge. They want to know all the things because it makes them feel like they are in more control of what’s around them. Mastering all the information is their key to survival. They believe they are protecting themselves. They constantly are looking for knowledge and understanding around them. Knowledge is also important to fives to instill in their children.

Fives have a desire to be capable and competent and their greatest fear is being considered useless, helpless and incapable.

Fives may appear to be loners and keep to themselves. They will socially and emotionally distance themselves from others and can be seen as arrogant because they have more knowledge. Fives are always observing, not just watching. They are actively observing constantly because they are gathering the information about others around them.

Fives have the ability to remain objective. They are not ruled by their feelings. They are able to, in a healthy, way see both sides. They are not emotionally fueled. They will respond to the situation not react. They believe it’s reckless to react without thinking about the situation.

Fives will research everything. For example when purchasing a vehicle they want to know all the information regarding what is the best type for them. They make a decision based on the facts in front of them, not off their feelings.

The Internet can become a rabbithole for fives regarding research. They can start to research one subject and that research can turn into researching other subjects. It can also become a way to avoid people.

Fives have the ability to file things. They separate their jobs, marriage, hobbies, friendships ect into different files and then determine how much energy belongs to each file. Five have more going on then they tell you because of their filing their lives into separate categories.

Fives are excellent at setting boundaries and show their love by being there and giving information. It takes a lot for a five to have trust in you because they are so independent and they value space. They do not trust easily because they need time away to recharge.

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