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Enneagram 3: The Achiever

Follow @brakell.hinsdale an amazing type 3!
Follow @brakell.hinsdale an amazing type 3!

This week I am talking about the THREES. Remember there are no good or bad enneagrams. When it’s your enneagram you focus on the bad traits but try and look at the positive traits of your enneagram.

The threes are the performers. This is ME!!! It’s creepy how accurate it is. I thought that everyone thinks like me. Learning my enneagram number has helped me see how other people think and that their brain doesn’t process things the same way that I do. The wings for a three are the 2 or 4.

Threes have motivation and drive. They desire to do things and be the best. If you’re not first you’re last. Threes are extremely optimistic. They have big dreams and big goals and are able to switch a loss to a win quickly. When threes are in a healthy state, they believe they have nothing to prove. They will talk to you about your dreams and will tell you how to achieve them.

Threes can be deceitful to others and themselves mostly trying to be something they are not.

Threes can be a social chameleon. When they walk into a room, they can feel and explore how they need to behave to fit in or stand out in the environment. Their goal is to be the best or be with the best crowd. Threes can lose their authenticity because they can become a chameleon.

Like twos, they feel they can’t be loved for who they are. They have to be something different. Threes believe they are loved because of their success and their achievements. Threes have to be the star, they believe that the world only values them for what they do rather than who they are. They believe success goes above love.

Threes don’t like down time. They are active resters. They are better listeners when their hands are busy. This helps them be the queen of multitasking, They also don’t like mundane tasks.

Threes have a difficult time recognizing and connecting to their own feelings than any other enneagram number. They have a great difficulty understanding the feelings inside them and struggle to recognize the other feelings around them. Threes can also postpone their feelings. They can shut off being sad and put the feeling in a box in order to come back to the feeling later. They usually don’t go back to their feelings and explore them. Threes believe feelings are messy and distract them from things getting done.

Threes can be considered insensitive or narcissistic. When in a relationship, they can be unauthentic and act as if the relationship is more like a business partnership than a relationship.

Threes are very talkative, charismatic and adaptable to any situation. They have a drive give to other people. They are the getter dones of the world and don’t let perfectionism get them down.

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