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Enneagram 1 Gift Guide

Enneagram One Gift Guide!

You got some extra cash from Christmas time to get you the perfect gifts!

When shopping for a type one think clean and exactly what they asked for. Don’t stray from the list! They’ve already planned out what planner they are going to use, they have their favorite types of things. Pay attention to a one because they will tell you what they like.

Check out my Amazon Gift Guide (link in my bio, I get a little kick back with you use my link so thank you!) I have even more listed on there!

Looking to shop small?

@shopedynkei has very clean cut outfits! has some amazing tees!

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My name is Tess and avid binge show watcher, enneagram enthusiast and 3w2!

The enneagram is a unique way to help you connect with yourself on a deeper level. I love what it has done for my marriage, relationship with my children and the people I work with. I can’t wait to dive in deep to all things enneagram!

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